Cargando Leches
What is CargandoLeches?

It is a utility that lets you charge the same games that you carried on tape before using digital audio output (Discman, PC, SmartPhone, USB player ...) at a rate about 15 times higher.

It works with all games?

They run all games that use standard load. At the time it launched many commercial games with turbo chargers. Charged at double speed and piracy difficult step (needed a dual-deck to hack these tapes). These games are not compatible with CargandoLeches. Neither games work load using standard bootstrap itself, it is essential you call the specific function of the ROM (address 0x0556) to take up CargandoLeches.

How many unsupported games we talking about?

In very few. Fortunately most of these games were deprotected and today almost all games protected WOS (TZX format) have an alternate version unprotected TAP format. These TAPs CargandoLeches bear themselves unprotected. I can not say exactly the percentage of games that do not have unprotected version today but give a figure guidance to between 2% and 4%.

What bps rate these ultraloads work?

It accepts a variable number of speeds between 11,025 and 27,429 bps (between 1,378 and 3,429 bytes/second). In particular there are 16 different speeds, 8 for each sampling frequency (44100Hz and 48000Hz). A 44100 speeds are (sampling rate) / (4, 3.5, 3.25, 3, 2.75, 2.5, 2.25, 1.75)
(11, 12.6, 13.6, 14.7, 16, 17.6, 19.6, 25.2) Kbps 44100Hz.
(12, 13.7, 14.8, 16, 17.5, 19.2, 21.3, 27.4) Kbps 48000Hz.
This amounts to between 7 and 18 times the speed of the standard charge.

How long takes to load a game at those speeds?

Depends on the game, but a normal TAP usually takes about 20 seconds. If the game is 128K about 50s. You can also upload snapshots, the 48K takes 30s to load, and 80 the 128k. If you can compress the game with exomizer (for more advanced users) the charging time will about 10s.

Do I have to change my ROM to run CargandoLeches?

If you have a ZX Spectrum +2 A or +3 are not required. In the other models do.

Can I use the player without being connected to the internet?

Yes, you just have to download the html and throw it from the filesystem. With this method does not generate WAVs of the program, since to do so would require a web server. to do not complicate that we have created a version of WAVs generator for command line. is the download area.

What does CargandoLeches mean?

Literally traslated into "shitting milks" which doesn't make any sense, unless you suffer from some digestive disease, you know. Its accepted meaning (the original spanish form) is "doing things very quickly".
As CAGANDO is not a nice word to put in a project, Antonio added an R, resulting in CARGANDO LECHES, that translated literally would be "loading milks" ("cargando" is the gerund form of "cargar", which is "to load", as cagando is the gerund form of "cagar" which is "to poo", see the point?
So, the resulting phrase CARGANDO LECHES is no longer a set phrase, so losing its accepted meaning. The R is printed as non capital letter so the project title is actually a word game in spanish: reading it without R (as it's non capital and with a lower pitch is less noticed) the title recovers its role as set phrase, suggesting "something very fast". Reading it with the R, the set phrase loses its meaning as set phrase and the only word that makes sense in this context is "CARGANDO" (="LOADING").
That's why the web page shows a milk brick which seems to transfer data through a cable to the Spectrum. The complete explanation is here.